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i check it at least once in every ten minutes. it may be addictive.* but i have found an explanation of my silly behavior in a published in the journal of personality and social psychology. we check instagram constantly for two huge reasons: to check how many likes/comments we are getting on our photos as well as keeping up with everyone else for fear of missing out. after all of the hard work someone had put into a photo, it is gratifying to receive like after like after like. when someone gets a like, it releases the serotonin in their brain, which is also known as the "happy chemical." because of this, instagram users will check the social media platform often and make their instagram page the best it can be. the addiction also comes from the fact that users don't want to miss out on what other users are doing. in reality, people don't need to see another selfie of a girl with perfect makeup or yet another photo of someone's dog, yet the feeling of being in the loop is addicting. in addition taking pictures of a certain event can actually make the person remember the event more, thus making them happier if the event was an enjoyable one. having a photo to look back at as a reminder of a specific time causes the temporal lobes in your brain to activate, helping you remember the memory. those that took photos of various experiences reported feeling more engaged in the actual activity they were doing at that time, no matter how significant or insignificant the event was. it also works in the reverse, too. if one sees a photo from a negative experience, all of the terrible memories rush back to them which heightens unhappiness.